National Innovation Agenda Report

In 2018, the platform for the development of agrarian innovations Agrohub conducted a large-scale study of priority areas of innovations in the Ukrainian agricultural sector — National Innovation Agenda. The research was made in partnership with Raiffeisen Bank Aval

This is more than 150 interviews and surveys with top management of agricultural companies of different sizes with a land bank from 5 to 500 thousand hectares.

In this project we identified and analyzed innovation priorities — the directions where companies are looking for opportunities to increase profits through innovation, how they implement them and what effect they expect. After all, innovation is primarily about how to make business more profitable and ready for future challenges, it is not about theater of innovations.

The national Innovation Agenda Report presents 130 technological solutions available to Ukrainian farmers and 35 cases of practical application of these solutions. They all gathered in Agrohub Innovation Solutions database.

In my opinion, the moment when Ukraine will set rules in terms of development of digital platforms for business management will come in the nearest future, — says Kirill Krivolap, partner of Agrohub.

For the first time the whole agricultural sector was diagnosed. For the first time the maturity matrix is established — the technology, which allows any agricultural company to evaluate itself on the global map of innovations and understand what next steps to do. I always say that innovation, in the end, is a financial result, — says Yulia Poroshenko, founder of Agrohub. — The task of this report is to help farmers to make a choice of technologies for their needs.

What did we get from the study?

  • opportunity to build a universal management paradigm of Ukrainian agricultural company;
  • understanding of key processes at the level of clusters;
  • understanding of the challenges and needs of the industry;
  • correlating them with technological solutions already available on the market;
  • data on the impact of their implementation;
  • full view of innovation in the country;
  • understanding of the stage of maturity of companies;
  • analysis of corporate culture of companies, their strengths and weaknesses.

National Innovation
Agenda Report

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